Shorthand notation for Glycerolipids (GL)

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  • Shorthand notation: Lipid class abbreviation followed by number of C-atoms:number of double bonds.
  • Fatty acids linked to the glycerol are known:
    • separator _: sn-position of the fatty acids is not known
    • separator /: sn-position of fatty acids is proven (order sn-1/sn-2/sn-3 for GL; sn-1/sn-2 or sn-2/sn-3 for GP); no FA linked 0:0
  • Other bond types than ester bonds are indicated as follows in front of the sum of C-atoms or fatty acid:
    • O = proven O-alkyl-bond (it is important to note that “O” after the number of carbons designates a keto bond)
    • P = proven O-alk-1-enyl-bond (acid-sensitive ether bond in “plasmalogens”).
  • More than one "non"-ester bond is indicated in front of the bond type as d for di, t for tri.
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