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Please announce our lipid conference in our calender
Please announce our lipid conference in our calender
* '''[[Events:_External|Conference Calender]]'''
* '''[[Lipid_Conference_Calendar|Lipid Conference Calendar]]'''
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LipidomicNet Wiki is a knowledge base managed within the EU Framework 7 project "LipidomicNet" in close collaboration with LIPID MAPS and Lipid Bank - Japan LipidomicNet Wiki lives from the contribution of people interested in Lipidomics. All members of the Lipidomics Expertise Platform (LEP) are allowed to edit and add content to LipidomicNet-Wiki. Therefore you are encouraged to register to the LEP and to contribute to the emerging field of Lipidomics (more about LipidomicsWiki).

Dear Visitor, is being restructured since 20 September 2010, selected pages can be found on Site Map. Other pages can be found via search or a list of all pages can be found here.

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Information on lipid classes, structured according to LIPID MAPS nomenclature.
Biology related to lipids.
Methods used for analysis of the lipidome.



Please announce our lipid conference in our calender

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