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Deliverables M2

Creation of task forces for the various data types.

See Data type taskforces

Deliverables M6

Standard Processing Procedures

Deliverables M10

Implementation of Standard Processing Procedures

Deliverables M12

Processing Pipelines

Available data

A list of all available data with additional information can be found following page:

Available Data

Synopsis list

Handling Synopsis Lists


  • Define standard processing procedures (SPP´s)
  • Make data publicly available via the internet (LipidomicNet)
  • Enable knowledge exchange (wiki-concept; LipidomicNet)
  • Integrate LipidomicNet with other (European) lipid databases and global ressources (e.g. KEGG, LIPID MAPS, ...)

Members and Partners

Synopsis genes and Agilent probes without EnsEMBL ID

Download as xls

Lipid Species

Lipid Species List from 4 Feb 2010

Lipid Species List from 1 July 2011

Action Points 2010


Lipid species handling with ChEBI and LipidMaps



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