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TIC 2013 Tbilisi International Conference 2013Tagged constructs of lipid droplet proteins for imaging
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The classic bile acid biosynthetic (neutral) pathwayThe “Kennedy pathway” as the majour route of PC and PE synthesisThin layer chromatography (Thiele Lab)
Thromboxanes (FA0303)Tools
Total Lipid Profiling LTQ-FTTrainingTransferproteins – CETP, PLTP
Triglyceride hydrolysis kineticsUKUptake of glycerophospholipid precursors and the interconversion of glycerophospholipid species
Visualization of fixed/permeabilized cultured cells (JUMC)WP1
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WP III TF V 25.11.2008Webex
Western blot of membrane proteinsWiki Roadmap
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