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ABC transporterACAT in vitro assay
Absorption and lipoprotein transport of sphingomyelinAcid ceramidase assayAcidic glycosphingolipids (SP06)
AdditionalGroupsAdipocyte and SVF isolation from mouse adipose tissue
Adipocyte isolation and cultivationAffymetrix SPP
Agilent Feature Extraction
Agilent not mapped probesAlternative bile acid biosynthetic (acidic or sterol 27-hydroxylas) pathwayAminoallyl Labeling of RNA for Microarray Hybridization
Analysis of lipid metabolism kinetics by pulse-chase in living cells (Thiele lab)Announcement boardAntibodies against lipid droplet proteins
Antibodies from DeMatteis labApoA-I containing lipoproteinsApoB containing lipoproteins
AustriaAvailable DataBeneficiaries
Bile acid homeostasis an IntroductionBile acid quantitation - LC-MS/MS
Bile acid regulation of drug metabolismBile acid regulation of glucose metabolismBile acid regulation of lipid metabolism
Bile acids/-conjugatesBile acids/-conjugates determination - Perwaiz et al.Bile acids/-conjugates determination - Tagliacozzi et al.
Bile acids/-conjugates determination - Von EckardsteinBile acids - LC-MS/MS - Scherer et al.Bile acids and derivatives (ST04)
BioUMLBranched chain fatty acids
Butanolic lipid extractionCARCDP-Glycerols (GP13)
Cardiovascular diseasesCell culture from DeMatteis labCell isolation procedures
Cell proliferation BrdU (JUMC)Ceramide - ESI-MS/MS - Liebisch et al.
Ceramide Profiling LC-MS/MSCeramide phosphocholines (sphingomyelins) (SP0301)
Ceramides (SP02)Ceramides - stratum corneum, free extractable - LC-MS - Farwanah et al.
CholesterolCholesterol/sterol analysis - GCMSCholesterol / Cholesterylester - ESI-MS/MS - Liebisch et al.
Cholesterol analysis - GCMSCholesterol biosynthesis assay
Cholesterol sulfateCholesteroylationCholesteryl ester synthesis assay
ContactCurrent eventsCytotoxicity assay (JUMC)
DNA constructs from DeMatteis labData type taskforces
Data types and attributes in lipid species databasesDatabases
Databases for lipid speciesDavies et al.Degradation of FA (b-oxidation)
DeliverablesDescription of MS methods in databases
Description of samples in databasesDi-glycerol tetraether phospholipids (caldarchaeols) (GP18)Differential Expression using the B-Fabric Analysis tool
Differential Expression with ChipInspectorDiscussion on lipid standards in LipidomicNet
Discussion on the mass spectrometric analysis of triglyceride rich samplesDocosanoids (FA04)Document:From SDS to Integromics software.doc
DownloadsEU Framework VII project "LipidomicNet"
Eicosanoid determination - Harkewitz et al.Eicosanoid determination - Masoodi et al.Eicosanoid determination - Yue et al.
Eicosanoids (FA03)Ensembl genes without Agilent Probe ID
Epoxyeicosatrienoic acids (FA0308)
Erythrocyte isolation
Ethics proposals
Exchange GrantsExtension:Navigation path
Extensions LS/myCSS.cssFAQFAS II
FATPFA uptake and transport proteinsFXR
FXR, LXRα, and PPAR regulation of triglyceride metabolismFXR and LXRα regulation of lipoprotein metabolismFXR regulation of bile acid synthesis, transport and absorption
Fatty Acid Profiling GC-MSFatty Acid analysis - GCMS
Fatty Acids and Conjugates (FA01)
Fatty Acyls (FA)Fatty Acyls analysis by mass spectrometryFatty acid metabolism
Fatty acid oxidative conversionFatty acid remodellingFilipin staining of cells
Fixation and permeabilization protocols from DeMAtteis labFixation of cells with 4% paraformaldehyde
Fixed/permeabilized cultured cells - BD Pathway Bioimager 855 (JUMC)Flow cytometryFluorescence Microscopy (High-Content Imaging) SPP for the Evotec Opera automated microscope
Fluorescence Microscopy (High-Content Imaging) SPP for the analysis of lipid droplets for the Discovery-1 automated microscope of Molecular DevicesFluorescent microscopy of neutral lipids in yeastFree cholesterol/cholesterol ester distribution
Freeze FractureFunding for researchersG-Protein Receptors lipid binding 20110810
GC-MSGENE LIST Glycerophospholipid metabolismGanglioside extraction
Genes involved in sphingolipid metabolismGermanyGlycerol-nonitol tetraether phospholipids (GP19)
Glycerolipid Profiling - FT-MSGlycerolipids (GL)
Glycerophosphates (GP10)Glycerophosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchorGlycerophosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchor biosynthesis
Glycerophosphocholines (GP01)Glycerophosphoethanolamines (GP02)Glycerophosphoglycerols (GP04)
Glycerophosphoglycerophosphates (GP05)Glycerophosphoglycerophosphoglycerols (GP12)Glycerophosphoinositolglycans (GP15)
Glycerophosphoinositols (GP06) / phosphates (GP07-09)Glycerophospholipid Profiling - FT-MS
Glycerophospholipid Profiling - LC-MS/MSGlycerophospholipids (GP)
Glycerophospholipids analysis by mass spectrometryGlycerophosphonocholines (GP16)Glycerophosphonoethanolamines (GP17)
Glycerophosphoserines (GP03)Glyceropyrophosphates (GP11)Glycosphingolipid biosynthesis
Glycosphingolipid degradationGlycosphingolipid metabolismGlycosphingolipids
Glycosylglycerophospholipids (GP14)Granulocyte-enrichmentGranulocyte isolation
HF diet for mouse feeding
HMG-CoA reductase assayHNFHTP Image analysis of LD size in differentiated adipocytes
HUVEC isolation and cloning (JUMC)Handling Synopsis Lists
Haschke et al.Hepatocyte and Stellate cell isolation from mouse liverHigh-Content Imaging SPPs
High pressure freezing and freeze substitution of cells grown on Aclar discs (Burger lab)
Hybridization of labeled RNA to cDNA MicroarraysHydroxy/hydroperoxyeicosatetraenoic acids (FA0306)
Images acquisition and analysis from De Matteis laboratoryImaging of lipid droplets, nuclei and cytoplasm in the 96-well format (Thiele lab)
Immunofluorescence and Bodipy staining of lipid dropletsImplementation of High-Content Imaging SPPsImplementation of Mass Spectrometry of Lipids SPPs
Implementation of Microarray SPPsImplementation of Proteomics SPPsImplementation of Standard Processing Procedures
Implementation of TaqMan SPPsIn vivo cell monitoring - BD Pathway Bioimager 855 (JUMC)Inositol phosphates
Isolation of lipid droplets from mouse primary hepatocytesIsolation of primary hepatocytes from mouse liver
Kerstin Leuthaeuser-Jaschinski
Kick off meeting - June 2008LC-MSLXR
Leukocyte populations and platelets
Leukotrienes (FA0302)
LinksLipases and LCATLipid Class
Lipid Conference CalendarLipid Storage GenesLipid extraction
Lipid extraction according to Bligh and DyerLipid extraction according to Folch
Lipid extraction according to modified FolchLipid extraction for TLC (Chloroform-Methanol, Thiele lab)Lipid extraction from yeast
Lipid extraction using ButanolLipid extraction using MTBELipid mass spectrometric methods established in LipidomicNet
Lipid mass spectrometry
Lipid mass spectrometry SOPs deliverable statusLipid mass spectrometry equipment in LipidomicNetLipid microdomains
Lipid probesLipid standards in the LipidomicNetLipid standards needed in LipidomicNet
Lipid standards used in LipidomicNet - GlycerophospholipidsLipid standards used in LipidomicNet - Sphingolipids
Lipid standards used in LipidomicNet - SterolsLipidomicNet-ENOR joint workshopLipidomicNet-ENOR workshop program
LipidomicNet Final Meeting - 10/2012LipidomicNet LibraryLipidomicNet publications
Lipidomics technologiesLipoprotein analysis by FPLC - ESI-MS/MS - Wiesner et al.Lipoprotein preparation
Lipoprotein separation by FPLC - Wiesner et al.Lipoprotein sphingolipids as potential atherogenic factors
Lipoxins (FA0304)Lysophosphatidylcholine - ESI-MS/MS - Liebisch et al.
LysophospholipidsLysosomal lipid-binding proteins: purificationLysosomal storage disorders
MT 01.10.2008MT 02.07.2008MT 03.03.2010
MT 03.09.2008MT 03.12.2008MT 05.11.2008
MT 06.08.2008MT 08.10.2008MT 09.07.2008
MT 10.09.2008MT 10.11.2008MT 10.12.2008
MT 13.08.2008MT 14.01.2009MT 15.06.2008
MT 15.10.2008MT 16.07.2008MT 17.09.2008
MT 17.12.2008MT 19.11.2008MT 20.08.2008
MT 21.01.2009MT 22.10.2008MT 23.07.2008
MT 24.09.2008MT 24.12.2008MT 25.06.2008
MT 26.11.2008MT 27.08.2008MT 29.10.2008
MT 30.07.2008Magnetic bead isolation of Mitochondria and following western blot analysisMain Page
Mass Spectrometry of Lipids SPPs
Mass spectrometryMechanisms of bile acid feedback inhibition of gene transcription
Meeting PlanMegakaryocyte Platelet Synopsis
MembranesMetabolic diseasesMetabolism and subcellular compartmentalization of sphingolipids
Microarray SPPs
MicroarraysMonoacylglycerophospholipidsMonocyte Isolation
MonoradylglycerolsMouse Key NodesNetherlands
Neutral glycosphingolipids (SP05)
No AccessNomenclature of lipid speciesNon targeted Lipid Profiling LC-FT-MS/MS
Nuclear receptor regulation of bile acid synthesisNuclear receptorsOffline nanoESI Phospholipid Profiling - LC-MS/MS
Other hydroxylase pathwaysOxidized glycerophospholipids (GP20)Oxysterol-binding proteins
Oxysterol binding assayOxysterolsP01 UHREG
PPARPRP-platelet rich plasmaPXR/SXR
Phosphatidylcholine / Sphingomyelin - ESI-MS/MS - Liebisch et al.
Phosphatidylethanolamine-based plasmalogens - ESI-MS/MS - Liebisch et al.Phosphatidylethanolamine - ESI-MS/MS - Liebisch et al.
Phosphatidylinositol metabolism
Phosphatidylserine - ESI-MS/MS - Liebisch et al.
Phospholipid and neutral lipid droplet stainingPhospholipid class-specific profiling by LC/MS (Utrecht protocol)Phospholipid metabolism
Phospholipidosis detectionPhosphosphingolipids (SP03)Plant sterols
Platelet isolationPolyketidesPrenol Lipids
PrenylationPreparation of delipidated FCS (Thiele lab)Preprocessing and differential expression with CARMAWeb
Preprocessing of Single Colored Agilent ArraysPress releasesProcessing Pipeline for High-Content Imaging SPPs
Processing Pipeline for Mass Spectrometry of Lipids SPPsProcessing Pipeline for Microarray SPPsProcessing Pipeline for Proteomics SPPs
Processing Pipeline for TaqMan SPPsProcessing PipelinesProfiling of Neutral Lipids (Utrecht protocol)
Profiling of Phospholipids (Utrecht protocol)Project ManagementProject Status Report for Period 1
Project Status Report for Period 2Proposal for lipid MS nomenclature
Proposal on lipid standards to be synthesizedProstaglandin quantification - GC-MS
Prostaglandins (FA0301)Proteomics SPPsProtocols for stable isotope labeling
Purification LDs from mouse adipocytesPurification LDs from mouse hepatocytesQuinones and hydroquinones
RORRT-PCR SPPsReal time interaction between immobilized liposomes and lipid binding proteins by Surface Plasmon Resonance
Regensburg2014Regensburg Chip Hybridization Center
ResourcesRetinoid determination - Gunderson et al.Retinoid determination - Kane et al.
Retinoid determination - Wang et al.Roche SPPsSHP-dependent mechanism
SHP-independent mechanismsSVF human cells isolation and culture (JUMC)Saccharolipids
Schwedhelm et al.
Secosteroids (ST03)Setup of a lipid species database
Shorthand notation - General rulesShorthand notation for Fatty Acyls (FA)Shorthand notation for Glycerolipids (GL)
Shorthand notation for Glycerophospholipids (GP)Shorthand notation for Sphingolipids (SP)Shorthand notation for Sterols (ST)
Shorthand notation for lipid structures derived from mass spectrometrySiRNA knock down - A431 cells - 24 well plate - analysis by fluorescence microscopy (Thiele lab)SiRNA knock down - A431 cells - 24 well plate - biochemical analysis (Thiele lab)
SiRNA knock down - HeLa cells - 24 well plate - analysis by fluorescence microscopy (Thiele lab)SiRNA knock down - HeLa cells - 24 well plate - biochemical analysis (Thiele lab)SiRNA knock down - HuH7 cells - 24 well plate - analysis by fluorescence microscopy (Thiele lab)
SiRNA knock down - HuH7 cells - 24 well plate - biochemical analysis (Thiele lab)Signalling pathways induced by sphingolipidsSircar et al.
Site MapSkin lipid analysis - HPTLC - Farwanah et al.
Sphingoid bases (SP01)Sphingolipid analysis by mass spectrometrySphingolipid profiling - LC-MS/MS - Scherer et al.
Sphingolipids (SP)Sphingolipids and apoptosis
Sphingolipids and cell differentiationSphingolipids and cell migration and adhesionSphingolipids and vascular tone regulation
Sphingosine-1-phosphate, Lysophosphatidic acid - LC-MS/MS - Scherer et al.Sphingosine-1-phosphate - LC-MS/MS - Berdyshev et al.
Sphingosine-1-phosphate - LC-MS/MS - Bielawski et al.Sphingosine-1-phosphate - LC-MS/MS - Schmidt et al.
Sphingosine-1-phosphate quantitation
Sphingosine/Sphinganine - LC-MS/MS - Lieser et al.Staining of cells
Staining of lipid droplets with Nile red and BODIPY 493/503Staining of lipid droplets with oil Red OStandard Processing Procedures
Steering Committee Meeting - 01/2010Steering Committee Meeting - 01/2011Steering Committee Meeting - 01/2012
Steering Committee Meeting - 07/2009Steering Committee Meeting - 07/2010Steering Committee Meeting - 11/2008
Steering Committee Meeting 2011/06
Steroid conjugates (ST05)Steroid hormonesSteroids (ST02)
Sterol analysis by mass spectrometrySterolsSterols (ST)
Sterols (ST) determination - Lembcke et al.Sterols (ST) determination - Mezine et al.Sterols (ST01)
Subcategory: MonoacylglycerophospholipidsSynthesis and metabolism of straight chain fatty acidsSynthesis of PS and formation of PE in the mitochondrial PSDecarboxylation pathway
TF IV 02.09.2008TF IV 05.08.2008TF IV 09.12.2008
TF IV 11.11.2008TF IV 14.10.2008TF IV 16.09.2008
TF IV 19.08.2008TF IV 20.01.2009TF IV 23.12.2008
TF IV 25.11.2008TF IV 28.10.2008TF IV 30.09.2008
TF I 21.10.2008TF VIII 03.12.2008
TF VIII 08.10.2008TF VIII 13.08.2008TF VIII 19.11.2008
TF VIII 22.04.2009TF VIII 22.10.2008TF VIII 28.01.2009
TF VIII 30.07.2008TF VIII ActionPoints 2010TF VII 01.10.2008
TF VII 03.09.2008TF VII 06.08.2008
TF VII 10.12.2008TF VII 12.11.2008TF VII 15.10.2008
TF VII 17.09.2008TF VII 20.08.2008
TF VII 24.12.2008TF VII 26.11.2008TF VII 29.10.2008
TIC 2013 Tbilisi International Conference 2013Tagged constructs of lipid droplet proteins for imaging
TaqMan ArraysTaqMan SPPs
Task Force ITask Force IITask Force III
Task Force IVTask Force IXTask Force I - internal pages
Task Force OverviewTask Force VTask Force VI
Task Force VIITask Force VIIITask Force VIII phone conferences
TemplatesTemplates for new articles
Templates for presentationsTeststartpageTeunissen et al.
The classic bile acid biosynthetic (neutral) pathwayThe “Kennedy pathway” as the majour route of PC and PE synthesisThin layer chromatography (Thiele Lab)
Thromboxanes (FA0303)Tools
Total Lipid Profiling LTQ-FTTrainingTransferproteins – CETP, PLTP
Triglyceride hydrolysis kineticsUKUptake of glycerophospholipid precursors and the interconversion of glycerophospholipid species
Visualization of fixed/permeabilized cultured cells (JUMC)WP1
WP8WP III TF V 05.09.2008WP III TF V 14.10.2008
WP III TF V 25.11.2008Webex
Western blot of membrane proteinsWiki Roadmap
Wikipedia:tutorialWork Package Overview
Workshop - 2008/09Workshop - 2008/09 - presentationsWorkshop - 2009/03
Workshop - 2009/10Workshop - 2009/10 - AbstractsWorkshop - 2010/04
Workshop - 2011/05Workshop - 2011/10Workshop - 2012/07

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