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  • Lipid class abbreviation heads each species description.
  • Variable components (constituents) like fatty acids are assigned based on their mass as number of C-atoms and number of double bonds (C-atoms:double bonds).
  • Only experimentally proven structural details of constituent fatty acids are assigned according to the rules defined for fatty acyls.
  • When structural ambiguities are present (e.g. bond type, hydroxyl groups, branched chains) species are assigned by one of the following rules:
    • Lipid class and the (uncharged) molecular mass (Da) in parentheses (preferred for reporting in databases ≙ lipid class level mass). For fatty acyl substituents the mass of the corresponding free fatty acid is used.
    • Annotation based on assumptions must be clearly visible (preferred for publications ≙ lipid species level).
  • Detailed structures including stereochemistry are covered by LIPID MAPS nomenclature.
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