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InstitutionInstitute for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory MedicineImage:UHREG LOGO.gif
Principal investigator Prof. Dr. Gerd Schmitz

EMail: Gerd Schmitz
Telephone: +49-(0)941-944-6200
Program Manager: Dr. Megi Sharikadze
EMail: LipidomicNet

Telephone: +49(0)941-944-6203
Country Germany
Beneficiary NumberP01
About usThe Regensburg Diabetes Prediction and Prevention Study (REDEPPS), is an

interdisciplinary resarch and biobanking project involving clinical and theoretical institutions at the university, local teaching hospitals and also hosts the “Fraunhofer Project Group on Disease and Toxicoproteomics of Aging Disorders” lead by Prof. Borlak and Prof. Schmitz. The primary focus of the project is the molecular analysis of vascular endpoints and metabolic diseases including hyperlipidemia, obesity, T2D and metabolic syndrome aiming the identification of novel biomarkers for prediction, prevention, diagnosis and new therapies. The modular concept of the project includes precise clinical and diagnostic phenotyping of patient cohorts, identification of new candidate genes and functional confirmation of polymorphisms as well as molecular epidemiology of diabetic endpoints. Distinct diabetic patient cohorts are recruited according their clinical endpoints. The local interdisciplinary sample bank includes samples of about 50.000 classified patients. The REDEPPS team is founder of the Danubian Biobank Consortium (www.danubianbiobank.de) formed in 2005 (funded by SSA 018822) as a network of Danube Universities between Ulm and Budapest, with a focus on the study of aging disorders related to metabolic and vascular disease. The available technologies include high throughput platforms for molecular lipid species, metabolomic, proteomic and genomic analysis, using mass spectrometry, NMR, gene array systems, HTS-Taqman analysis, multiparameter flow cytometry and high content imaging. The methodological expertise is complemented by the Competence Centre for Fluorescent Bioanalysis (KFB) a public private partnership involving various institutes of the university. We participate in the European Lipidomics Initiative (ELIfe). Prof. Schmitz is head of the

transregional collaborative research centre on raft microdomains (SFB-TR13).
ContributionsProf. Dr. Gerd Schmitz is the coordinator of the project

and Dr. Megi Sharikadze is the Program Manager; both are members of the MT. P01 is actively involved in WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5, WP6, and WP7 and with all other participants in WP8. P01 provides strong expertise in transcriptomics, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry and imaging combined with chemometry and bioinformatics. Prof. Borlak (Fraunhofer Project Group Hannover/Regensburg) is responsible for the WP6 contributions from Regensburg. The colleagues from Internal Medicine and the Liver Center support the project with patient materials and as members of the REDEPPS consortium with patient cohorts for WP4 and WP5. Prof. Kalbitzer and Prof. Lang support the groups in Regensburg with NMR-analysis,

molecular modelling and bioinformatics.
Member of TaskforcesTask Force I, Task Force II, Task Force III, Task Force IV, Task Force VI, Task Force VII, Task Force VIII, Task Force IX
Member of WorkpackagesWP1, WP4, WP5, WP6, and WP7

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