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28 November, 2012

Dear LipidomicNet partners, today a group email was disributed to all PIs about previous reports of LipidomicNet being available via Amazon cloud service, while LipidomicNet Wiki does not support so large files like out reports. Links and instructions, you can find in the email sent from LipidomicNet account.

28 November, 2012

Dear LipidomicNet partners,

These last weeks I have got several requests about granting access to LipidomicNet project participants, especially, to financial reporting pages where Form Cs and Table 3s have to be filled in. This issue arose due to recent change in EC reporting platform; as a result the old link to FORCE was not valid anymore and one was asked to use “Participants Portal” instead.
“FP7 projects are no longer available through the Force Access Request page. Please use the Participant Portal instead (”

This problem has hindered our reporting as for some people, there was no access to financial pages of EC.
After researching and digging into EC pages and webstreams. Reading all old and new rules, I was reminded that only one person can have Primary Coordinator rights. I have checked if Schmitz had this role assigned. It turned out the former project manager (J. Fugate) was registered as Primary Coordinator Contact with her email address (not valid anymore) and not G. Schmitz, therefore, we did not have full rights of coordinator as could not add any partner contacts.

Yesterday, I have contacted our Project Officer Tomasz Dylag. I asked him to redefine the roles in the project, remove Fugate, and give full rights to G. Schmitz. It what was already done very quickly by him. Now it is possible to add people on behalf of partners but it is not possible to fill FormCs on behalf of partners according to Helpdesk (see email below). Therefore, you all have to care of your C forms yourself. If you need an access to be granted, please send me a short reminder. Alternatively, your principle investigator (PI) can add you to the list. From each partner, maximum 5 contact persons are allowed.

To be able to submit/edit form C you have to have "Participant contact" role.
Hopefully, now you all should be able to finalize financial reporting. Feel free to contact me if any questions.
If you need more support, can contact me in Skype, my nickname is written in email version of this text.

All the best,
Megi Sharikadze, Ph.D
Project Manager of LipidomicNet


Sir, Madam,
For FP7 projects, when you access them via the Participants Portal (, as Coordinator you cannot create, fill in, modify or submit to Coordinator the Form Cs of the Participants. You can only reject or submit them to EU, after they have been submitted to the Coordinator.
When accessing the projects via the Participants Portal, if you want to create and fill in the Form C on behalf of the Participants, you must also have the role of Participant Contact for each of the participating organisations.
With kind regards, Martin
FP6 / FP7 IT Service Desk
Internal staff can reach us at:
e-Mail: EC FP7 IT Helpdesk
Phone: 87 288
External users should contact:
Phone: +32 2 29 87 288


6 July 2012

The programme to the Vienna Workshop has been uploaded to the event page.

22 June 2012
Dear LipidomicNet colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce that the application deadline for the FEBS workshop on "Lipids" has been extended to July 1st 2012. Our impression is that -due to the uncertainty in Greece- many scientists were hesitant to register. With the relief of the political situation in Greece after the elections we are getting many last minute inquiries and therefore we have extended the deadline to July 1st. For more information, see the text below.

Of note: So far we only have a few applicants from the LipidomicNet partner labs. The 'Lipidomics' topic is a major theme of the workshop that is covered every day of the meeting. Therefore, please bring this workshop to the attention of students in your group or neighboring labs. We are convinced it will be worth while to participate, given the list of excellent speakers and topics. Media:FEBS_Lipid_worskhop_2012.pdf

08 June, 2012

Workshop 9-10 July Vienna. The deadline for abstracts is 25th of June, 2012.

20 April, 2012

Hotel information has been placed on the Workshop's page

5 April, 2012

The dates for the next LipidomicNet workshop have been set. The Workshop will take place on 9-10 July, in Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Juan Vizciano will provide training on Monday.

29 Febuary, 2012

The following must appear on all LipidomicNet publications in the acknowledgement section (from page 29, Annex II FP7 Grant Agreement):

"The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 202272."<u</u>

19 January, 2012

The presentations from Bratislava are availabe on the Resources - Downloads. Please be aware that, Prof. Dr. Thiele's presentation is not yet included.

Also available, a revised programm, in which the session numbering has been corrected. (Previous version had two "Session 3s".

29 November, 2011

LipidomicNet's closing event is planned for 8-10 October 2012

10 November, 2011

The presentations from Utrecht have been uploaded and can be found here

17 August, 2011

Christian Rudolf Hubert Raetz, M.D., Ph.D. 1946-2011

With deep regret, we learned that Chris Raetz passed away this morning August 16, 2011. Chris was the George Barth Geller Professor of Biochemistry at Duke University Medical Center. Chris was born in East Berlin in 1946 and after immigrating to the US with his parents attended Yale University for undergraduate training in Chemistry and Harvard Medical School for his M.D. and Ph.D. He did his thesis work under the direction of Eugene P. Kennedy, Ph.D. and postdoctoral work under Herbert Tabor, Ph.D. at the NIH. After a successful faculty tenure at the University of Wisconsin, he joined Merck Research Laboratories first as executive director of biochemistry and later executive vice president of research in biochemistry and microbiology. In 1993 he became Professor and Chair of Biochemistry at Duke University Medical Center. Chris is most recognized for his elucidation of the biochemistry, genetics and structural biology relating to the pathway for Lipid A synthesis in Gram-negative bacteria. An excellent summary of his important contributions to the lipid field can be found in a recent Journal of Biological Chemistry Classics ( Chris received many awards and honors including the 1979 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, the 2002 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Avanti Award in Lipids, the 2006 L. L. M. van Deenen Medal from the University of Utrecht, the 2006 Frederik B. Bang Award from the International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society, and election to the National Academy of Sciences in 2006. Chris was an extraordinary scientist, mentor of young scientists, and friend to many. His passing at such a young age is a tremendous loss to the lipid community. Chris is survived by his wife Madeline, daughters Jackie and Lizzie and grandson Leopold.

4 July 2011, Richard Noragon An updated Lipid Species List has been placed on the TFVII and Downloads pages.

25 June 2011, Richard Noragon Updated Krokow Program from 24 June 2011 Program V21 Presentations from Budapest have been uploaded and can be found here

22 June 2011, Richard Noragon We experienced Server complications which led to the Wiki being inaccessible this morning, we are sorry for any inconvenience.

21 June 2011, Richard Noragon Updated Program V12 from 21 June 2011, for SC meeting in Krakow, Poland 27-28 June 2011

15 June 2011, Richard Noragon Updated program for SC meeting in Krakow, Poland 27-28 June 2011

7 June 2011, Richard Noragon added to external events page: September 30 - October 3, Study Group on Genetics of Diabetes (EASD-SGGD) Abstract submission deadline:17.6. 2011 Registration closure:17.6. 2011 Smolenice Castle, Smolenice Village, Slovakia

1 June 2011, Richard Noragon The template for the Steering Committee Meeting on 27-28 June 2011 has been placed on Steering_Committee_Meeting_2011/06 page. it can also be downloaded here ->Program to download V1 from 1 June 2011

26 May, 2011, Richard Noragon Workpackage 7 devliverables. WP7 deliverable 7.7 Public availability of the source data in standardized formats in public repositories (where available) (P01, P16, P17, P18, P19, P20, P21, P25) is do for this reporting period Juan Vizcaino has created a document that summarizes the EBI data submission guidelines for transcriptomics, proteomics, and lipidomics data. LipidomicNet data submission guidelines.pdf? An alternative repository for lipidomics data is Trance ([(]) For transciptomics data submissions can be made at ArrayExpress and GEO. List of submissions to public repositories for deliverables reporting. This information and repoting guidelines can also be found on the Deliverables page.

25 May, 2011, Megi Sharikadze All Participants are askedto urgently book their hotels for Kraków SC meeting in June (nights 26/27 -27/28 June 2011) as prebooking lasts till the end of May! Each of Participant should send e-mail, or better to call (Credit card number will be needed to guarantee the booking) and mentioning the password " LipidomicNet" while booking. All hotels are close to the Old Town: 5-10 min walking distance to the Anna str .12,(the conferernce venue) and have reasonable prices.

  • Hotel Matejko ( <> tel +48124224737 K-ow Plac Matejki 8.str
  • Hotel Pod Wawelem( tel+48124262626 K-owl.Na Groblach 22 str
  • Hotel Batory ( <> tel+4812 2943030 K-ow .So?tyka 19.str
  • Hotel Alexander II (<hotel@>) tel+4812351 50 50 K-ow Zamenhofa 14 str.

20 May, 2011, Richard Noragon Professor Anna Nicolaou at Bradford School of Pharmacy has an opening for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant to work on skin lipids. The post is for 24 months, funded by industry and requires some experience in mass spectrometry and/or lipid biochemistry. More information can be found here.

19 May, 2011, Megi Sharikadze As finally agreed during the Management Team phone conference on 18th of May, the abstract submission deadline for Cracow SC meeting (27-28 of June, 2011) is set to be 15th of June, 2011. Please take into consideration that deadlines of the 3rd periodic report (as well as of 2nd Amendment) and of SC meeting overlap (end of June)! it is for sure that project management will be very busy, so please send your abstracts and reports IN TIME accroding to set deadlines!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION (Megi Sharikadze, 18.05.2011)!!! Dear LipidomicNet members, I would like to remind you that the 3rd periodic report has to deliver to the EC. We have to separately deliver the Deliverables (to upload one file for each of the deliverables online) and the Scientific reports (using the given template available from here). Please note that it is desirable to get the deliverables report as soon as you can to provide but no later that 15th of June, 2011 deadline (as each file has to uploaded online individually). For the sciectific report the deadline in 20th of June, 2011. Below is a short summary of what is needed for the scientific report:

Periodic report template summary

3.1 Publishable summary3.2 Core of the report for the period:'Project objectives, work progress and achievements, project management 3.2.1 Project objectives for the period Please provide an overview of the project objectives for the reporting period in question, as included in Annex I to the Grant Agreement. These objectives are required so that this report is a stand-alone document. Please include a summary of the recommendations from the previous reviews (if any) and indicate how these have been taken into account. 3.2.2 Work progress and achievements during the period For each work package, except project management, which will be reported in section 3.2.3, please provide the following information:

  • A summary of progress towards objectives and details for each task; ·Highlight clearly significant results;
  • If applicable, explain the reasons for deviations from Annex I and their impact on other tasks as well as on available resources and planning;
  • If applicable, explain the reasons for failing to achieve critical objectives and/or not being on schedule and explain the impact on other tasks as well as on available resources and planning (the explanations should be coherent with the declaration by the project coordinator)
  • a statement on the use of resources, in particular highlighting and explaining deviations between actual and planned person-months per work package and per beneficiary in Annex 1 (Description of Work);

3.2.3 Project management during the period 3.3 Deliverables and milestones tables3.4 and 3.5 are parts of financial report. 3.4. Explanation of the use of the resources: so called tables 3.N(N is number of Beneficiary) have to be sent per email ASAP by financial officers or PIs of each partner to Megi Sharikadze. 3.5 Financial statements – Form C, have to be filled online by PIs/financial officers and after acceptance by project coordinator and submission to the EC, have to be printed out from the online financial reporting system as PDF, be signed and stamped have to be sent ASAP to Regensburg to Megi Sharikadze. 3.4 Explanation of the use of the resources 3.5 Financial statements – Form C and Summary financial report

18 May 2011, Richard NoragonDeliverables list has corrected and placed on the Deliverables page. The only difference between these two and the one from 12 May 2011 is the correction between P15A and P15B

12 May 2011, Richard Noragon Recent changes in the LipidomicNet website:

  • Created page: "Exchange Grants" and filled with content.
  • Deliverables page has been updated, the lists also now reflect the changes of partners.

12 May 2011, Megi Sharikadze
As mentioned during Budapest workshop, LipidomicNet Project Manager, M. Sharikadze will participate in FP7 Fit for Health and Health-NCP-Net Partnering Day for "HEALTH". More information can be found here. As the next Call of FP7 program is approaching in July 2011 ;with deadlines in autumn 2011, it is important to get more information in advance. On 9 June 2011, the European Commission organises an FP7 Health Open Information Day. More details are available online here. One can register online here. FP7 Health - 2012 orientation paper is already published online and can be downloaded from here.

6 May 2011, Megi Sharikadze

52nd International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids "Expanding the Horizons of Lipidomics" will be held in Warsaw, Poland from 30th August to 3rd September 2011. Please note that ICBL 2011 organizing committee has extended early registration date till May 15 2011. The deadline for submission of abstracts is May 15, 2011. The authors of posters selected for oral presentations will be notified by the end of June, 2011.

2 May 2011, Megi Sharikadze Dear LipidomicNet partners, I would like to remind you that the 3rd period of LipidomicNet is finished at the end of April, 2011. Thus we have to provide scientific and financial reports. 1. Dear Principle investigators and WP leaders, please communicate with each other to write your parts of scientific and deliverables reports. WP leaders should collect reports of their WP members to write scientific (WP) report and deliverables reports. See the actual deliverables list at (LipidomicNet deliverables current and future sorted according to delivery date). 2. Dear financial administrators, please fill the FormC online and provide a Table 3.N (N is your Partner number), both samples are attached. See financial guidelines in the project manager's "Reporting guidelines", §3.6 and §3.7 (p.12-14) for the 2nd period here (login required). Procedure: FormC you fill online at participants’ portal of FP7. After we proof and accept, you print the form out (pdf without watermark), stamp, sign and send to me per post. Table 3.N you fill in the file provided and return per email.

2 May 2011, Richard Noragon Dear Participants, Please make your choice from the dinner menu list below and send your feedback about your preference by email until Thursday to Hungarian specialties menu

  • Fish menu
  • Vegetarian menu

Thanks Gabor Balogh on behalf of the organising committee

24 March 2011, Richard Noragon Bonn Protocol has been uploaded to the Bonn Meeting page.

16 Febraury 2011, Richard Noragon Roger Sandhoff's presentation has been uploaded on to the Bonn meeting page

28 January 2011, Megi Sharikadze Presentations of Bonn SC meeting are uploaded on Bonn meeting page.

28 January 2011, Megi Sharikadze Here is an overview of interesting external events sorted according to abstract submission and registration deadlines. See the complete list under "External events" page: Abstract submission deadlines: February 1, 2011 - DEUEL Conference on Lipids, March 1-4, 2011 February 9, 2011 - ASBMB (The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) Annual Meeting, April 9-13, 2011 February 15, 2011 - Keystone Symposium - Lipid Biology and Lipotoxicity, May 15-20, 2011 February 28, 2011 - DIABETES SPRING CONFERENCE 2011, April 15-16, 2011 February 28, 2011 - 18th European Congress of Obesity, May 25-28, 2011 March 18, 2011 - LIPID MAPS Annual Meeting, May 2-3, 2011 May 16, 2011 - The 12th International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB), August 28 - September 1, 2011 May 22, 2011 - Gordon Research Conference - Atherosclerosis, June 19-24, 2011

Conference registration deadlines: From January 13, 2011: + 50 USD, Keystone Symposium - Lipid Biology and Lipotoxicity, May 15-20, 2011 January 28, 2011 (early) - 18th European Congress of Obesity, May 25-28, 2011 From January 22, 2011: $750 Academics - Congress on Steroid Research, March 27-29, 2011 February 9, 2011 - ASBMB (The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) Annual Meeting, April 9-13, 2011 February 24, 2011 - DEUEL Conference on Lipids, March 1-4, 2011 February 28, 2011 - DALM (Drugs affecting Lipid Metabolism) XVII International Symposium - Diabetes, Obesity, and the Metabolic Syndrome, Doha, Qatar, March 14-16, 2011 March 13, 2011 - LIPID MAPS Annual Meeting, May 2-3, 2011 April 1, 2011 - DIABETES SPRING CONFERENCE 2011, April 15-16, 2011 To be defined - The 12th International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB), August 28 - September 1, 2011.

25 November 2010, Richard Noragon The tenitive date and location of the next Workshop (not SC meeting) is 9-10 May 2011 in Budapest, Hungary.

7 October 2010, Megi Sharikadze

Dear members of LipidomicNet, I am very glad to inform you that the second periodic (midterm) report of LipidomicNet was approved by the EU Commision and the research may continue as specified in the description of work.

6 October 2010, Richard Noragon Dear Members, there are presently 123 orphaned (no or few links to other internal pages) and 275 dead-end pages (no links to other internal pages). I will be contacting the page authors in the near future to reduce these numbers considerably. If nay ideas on improvement, please contact me directly

No date
Please note that young scientists can apply for an young scientists exchange grant to visit another laboratory of the lipidomicNet consortium. Please address your enquires to A. Dembinska-Kiec or I. Wybranska.
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